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Healthcare for All: Ethnicity & Culture

Welcome! This guide shares resources about Ethnicity,  Ethnocentrism, & Cultural Competence for the healthcare field. It provides information specific to healthcare, as well as general background resources to understand Ethnicity as a whole within society. 

  • Ethnocentrism is the belief that the people, customs, and traditions of your own race or country are better than those of other races or countries. (Source: Cambridge Dictionary)
  • Cultural relativism is the view that ethical and social standards reflect the cultural context from which they are derived. That is to say, cultures differ fundamentally from one another, and so do the moral frameworks that structure relations within different societies. In international relations, cultural relativists determine whether an action is 'right' or 'wrong' by evaluating it according to the ethical standards of the society within which the action occurs. (Source: Carnegie Council)
  • Cultural competence describes the ability of healthcare systems to provide care to patients with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors, including the tailoring of health care delivery to meet patients' social, cultural and linguistic needs.(Source: American Hospital Association)

Source | Medical Bag

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