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You may encounter changes in the look and feel of the Research Guides website along with structural changes to our existing guides. If you have any questions or concerns about this process please let us know.

ENC 1939 College Writing 2

Finding Books

William Faulkner

How do I Search the Catalog

What's a Call Number?

Refer to call numbers to find our books on the shelves. Every book is assigned a call number which tells you where in the library you can find it.  Need more help, click here.

Find Books Beyond FAU

The WorldCat database allows you to search a combined catalog of most of the libraries in North America, and many in other parts of the world. Items not owned by FAU may be ordered through the Interlibrary Loan service.

Getting Started - Southern Culture Books

Locating Books in the Library

 FAU Library Catalog:

The Library Catalog allows you to search for books, government documents, DVDs, electronic books, and other materials in the Library's collection. The catalog will tell you if the library owns a particular periodical (journal or magazine) but does not include the articles found in periodicals. To find these you must use a different database (click on the "Finding Articles" tab above). 

To find books containing literary criticism, do an "Anywhere" (keyword) search on the author's name followed by the word criticism.

The Advanced search screen allows you to combine terms using “and, or, not” as well as limiting a search by location, date, format, or language.

Southern Culture - keywords

Using OneSearch, search for articles on topics within Southern Culture using the following terms within the search box:

"Southern culture" "United States" 

Add additional terms to narrow down to your topic (i.e.,

  • literature (William Faulkner)
  • music (or jazz, hip-hop, blues, or a particular performer [Elvis Presley] or particular instrument [dobro or dulcimer])
  • cuisine (or cooking, food, barbecue)
  • architecture (plantation style, a particular building)
  • race (or racism, racial attitudes, Klan, racial violence, racial healing)
  • religion (or religious music, Martin Luther King, Jr.)
  • identity
  • economics
  • Rebels (or CSA or Confederate States of America, reenactments)
  • location (Appalachia, Charleston, New Orleans, sundown towns/counties)
  • movies (Gone with the Wind, Sweet Home Alabama, Driving Miss Daisy)
  • poetry (Langston Hughes)
  • hospitality (traditions, symbols)
  • ethnic cleansing (Alabama, Cherokee, Catawba, Choctaw, Muscogee, Seminoles)

OpenAthens: authenticate yourself to use our electronic resources!

Through a statewide initiative in coordination with FALSC and other institutions of the Florida College System and State University System libraries, the FAU Libraries is transitioning e-resources authentication from EZproxy to OpenAthens.

OpenAthens is a gateway service that provides access to the FAU Libraries' licensed electronic resources. For the first time, you will have access to the Libraries’ e-resources without needing to be on the Libraries’ website! You can use an Internet search engine like Google or go directly to a publisher’s website to access the Libraries “Athenized” e-resources via FAU Single Sign-On (SSO)!  

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