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EME 2040: Introduction to Technology for Educators

Interlibrary Loan

About Interlibrary Loan

If you have looked in the catalog and in the databases and still cannot find the material that you are looking for, or if you know the specific name of the book or article that you are trying to find that you know is not at FAU, you can use interlibrary loan (ILL).

Interlibrary loan uses a program to process your requests and find items at other libraries. Intralibrary loan will request materials that are located at other FAU branches. You can also use ILL to track your requests once they have been entered. Materials can then be picked up at Boca Raton or the branch closest to you.

Remember that FAU will not interlibrary loan required texts for your class or materials that are already owned by FAU, so if an item is missing from the shelves, fill out a lost or stolen materials form and submit it online or at the service desk. REMEMBER Interlibrary loan takes time (7-10 days), so you cannot wait until the last minute to request these materials.

Distance Learners

Distance learners may have

  • Books delivered to them that are owned by FAU. 
    • You are responsible for returning the books to FAU Libraries.
    • Consider using Book Rate postage for added postage savings.
  • Articles not owned by FAU delivered online via FAU Libraries' Interlibrary Loan.​

For books not owned by FAU, Distance Learners should use their local library's interlibrary loan department (i.e., their local public library).

See more details for Distance Learners and Interlibrary Loan below:

Not at FAU Libraries? Find it HERE!

Check the following resources if the item you are looking for is not available from FAU Libraries.

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