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ARH 2051 Art History-Leader

Subject Searching

Subject Searching

At "Basic Search" or "Advanced Search" screen select "Subject Heading"  from menu and type in the following subject headings (with dashes for subheadings):

Art and revolutions--Europe--History
       --19th century

Art and society--Europe--History

Art Patronage
Art, Modern
Art, Renaissance
Modernism (Art)
Monet, Claude
Painting, Modern
Pottery, European
Realism in art--Europe

Browse books on the shelf by Call Number: 
(3rd floor, west side)

N                  Visual Arts
NA               Architecture

NB               Sculpture
NC               Drawing, Design, & Illustration
ND               Painting
NE               Print Media
NK               Decorative Arts
NX               Arts in General

(4th floor, east side)

TR                Photography
TP, TT          Ceramics (Handicrafts, 
                       Arts and Crafts)

Art-related Search Terms to Narrow Your Topic

  • audience
  • comparative analysis
  • context
  • description
  • details
  • evolution
  • form
  • function
  • genre
  • geography
  • heritage
  • history
  • "history of fine arts"
  • legend OR myth
  • imagery
  • materials OR medium
  • modes of use
  • motifs
  • mystery
  • other considerations
  • parallels
  • perspective
  • practicality OR whimsy
  • production
  • relationships
  • religious practices
  • significance
  • similar objects
  • style
  • symbolism
  • tradition
  • value

Monti, Gaetano, 1824. Head of a Bull.
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. 

Open Access Image from

General Terms to narrow your search on a topic

Using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), to further limit ideas, concepts and topics. Use one or more of the following with your topic to narrow down an aspect of your topic. 

Remember to use "quotation marks" around phrases to search for words as phrases. 

  • argument
  • attitudes
  • benefits
  • confronting
  • crimes against
  • crisis
  • criticism
  • debate
  • definition
  • effects
  • ethics
  • health aspects
  • interviews
  • issues
  • laws or regulations
  • motives
  • outcomes
  • outlook
  • political aspects
  • policy
  • prevention
  • problems
  • projects
  • properties
  • psychological aspects
  • public opinion
  • reform
  • religious aspects
  • rights
  • research
  • social policy
  • statistical data
  • structure
  • theories
  • trend
  • usage
  • viewpoint
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