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Art Image Databases at FAU Libraries

Citing Images - Requirements

Items obtained from the web or scanned from a print source should be attributed to the owner of the copyrighted work.

This includes photographs, paintings, or other works of art, tables, graphs, and other illustrations from primary or secondary source materials.

Most images from royalty free clip art, such as the clip art available from Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, do not need to be cited. Check carefully to make certain what attribution and/or citation requirements are listed for individual images.

As a general rule, the following elements are needed in the citation: 

  • artist's name, if known
  • title of image, if known (if not use a description)
  • institution where held, if known
  • URL, if applicable (hyperlink for ease in getting to the website for the artist, museum owner of the work, etc.)
  • Applicable License (Creative Commons, public domain, etc.)
  • Include these, when available and applicable:
    • title of article or book, if applicable
    • author of article or book, if applicable
    • title and date of journal, if applicable
    • database name, if applicable
    • date of access, if online
    • date of publication, if originally from print material

You may wish to use this Creative Commons Attribution Builder for assistance in building your attribution. 

Citing Images

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