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Travel & Tourism Resources

Looking for Ideas for Traveling?

You can find some great adventure ideas and inspiration from Government information which will help you plan your trip. Check out our collection of handbooks, maps, guides, and other information resources on National Forests, National Parks, Federal architectural sites, historic sites, and landmarks. 

Just do a search in the FAU catalog, or come to our library and explore the collection in person. You will find a wide variety of information. 


Finding Government Information on the Shelves

Government information comes in different formats such as print books, e-books, maps, pamphlets, and more. You could choose one format that fits you the most to help you to plan your trip. You could even check out some of the materials to bring with you on your trip!



The Federal Government publications are grouped by the issuing agencies. For example, C is for the Department of Commerce, and D is for the Department of Defense.

So if you are browsing in the library for government publications as a traveling idea, you may want to focus on the following sections:

A: Department of Agriculture;
I: Department of Interior;
S: State Department;
TD: Department of Transportation.