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Government Travel & Tourism Resources

You can confidently unlock the doors to your next adventure using the Government Travel & Resource Subject Guide, meticulously curated by the Government Information and Maps Department at the FAU Libraries. This comprehensive guide serves as your passport to a wealth of government information tailored to aid in trip planning and exploration.

Discover many adventure ideas and inspiration from government agencies to enrich your travel experiences. Each section offers a treasure trove of information from National Forests to Federal architectural sites to fuel your wanderlust and help you plan unforgettable journeys.

Explore handbooks, maps, guides, and other invaluable resources, including Your U.S. Passport, through the U.S. Department of State and Travel.State.Gov, providing reliable and authoritative information to enhance travel preparations.

Access the FAU catalog to search for specific resources, or visit our library in person to explore the extensive collection firsthand. With a wide variety of materials available, including print and electronic resources, you'll have everything you need to confidently embark on your next adventure.

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or on your first journey, the Government Travel & Resource Subject Guide is your ultimate companion for planning memorable trips and discovering the wonders of our nation's landscapes and heritage sites. Let the FAU Libraries guide you as you embark on your next adventure.

Government information comes in various formats, including print books, e-books, maps, pamphlets, and more, allowing travelers to choose the best format. Whether you prefer a physical guidebook or a digital resource, options are available to assist you in planning your trip. Also, you can even borrow some materials to take with you on your journey, ensuring you have all the information you need.

Federal Government publications are categorized by issuing agencies, with each agency assigned a specific letter code. For instance, the Department of Commerce is represented by the letter "C," while the Department of Defense is denoted by "D."

When browsing for government publications related to travel ideas, you can focus on specific sections in the library catalog. These sections include:

- A: Department of Agriculture
- I: Department of the Interior
- S: State Department
- TD: Department of Transportation

These materials can be easily located through the FAU libraries catalog, and physical items are housed in the Government Documents Collection, located in the library's west wing. Whether you're seeking information on national parks, transportation options, or international travel guidelines, the Government Information and Maps Department at FAU Libraries offers a comprehensive collection to support your travel planning needs.