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National Native American Heritage and Cultural Month

Celebrating the Indigenous Cultures of North and South America in November

Suggested Search Terms for Florida Native Americans

  • Ais Indians
  • Alachua Indians
  • Apalachee Indians
  • Black Seminole Indians
  • Calusa Indians
  • Cherokee Indians
  • Creek Indians
  • Florida Indians
  • Guale Indians
  • Hitchiti Language
  • Jeaga Indians
  • Matecumbe Indians
  • Mayaimi Indians
  • Miccosukee Indians
  • Mikasuki Language
  • Muskogee Indians
  • Native Americans
  • Ocale Indians (or Etocale)
  • Pensacola Indians
  • Potano Indians
  • Seminole Indians
  • Seminole Wars
  • Tequesta Indians (or Tekesta)
  • Timucua Indians (or Utina)
  • Tocobaga Indians
Last updated on May 10, 2024 4:50 PM