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MAN 4602, MAN 6728, MAN 6937, and MAN 4720 (Thams)



Welcome to this research guide created for MAN 4602: Global Business Operations and MAN 6937, Global Envirnonment of Management . This library guide will help you find information related to your course.  Please use the tabs at the top for help in finding the information that you need. 

Library Hours and More

Summer 2024 Semester Hours (Boca Raton):

See our library hours for all campuses at the link above, including any changes to hours during the semester.

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Creating a Search Strategy

Do you need some help with beginning your research? 

The research process is much easier if you follow a few simple steps. Do you need some help getting started on your research?

See the links below for printable examples and for more information. 

Need help finding synonyms? Check

Exit Survey for Library Instructional Session

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