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Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks and Copyright

About Trademarks


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A trademark is a sign that identifies and distinguishes the service of one entity from those of another.  They can come in the following forms:

  • Words or slogans (Just Do It, Nike)
  • Letters or numerals (Super Bowl LVI of NFL)
  • Drawings, symbols or logos (Coca Cola logo)
  • Colors (Dodger Blue of LA Dodgers baseball team)

A trademark can be registered by applying wherever you want your trademark to be legally protected.  In the US, the United State Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO) assigns trademarks, while trademark or other national intellectual property (IP) offices assign trademarks in their respective countries.  For those who wish to have their trademark registered worldwide or in multiple countries, World Intellectual Property Organization uses Madrid System.

Search for Trademarks and Trademark Agencies

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