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HIS 3065 - Introduction to Public History


New Field, Old Practices: Promises and Challenges of Public History


Image from: New Field, Old Practices: Promises and Challenges of Public History

Welcome to this HIS 3065 Introduction to Public History.

The goal of this guide is to provide you the student with all the same resources and tools as demonstrated through the library's website, however, it has been neatly packaged so that you will have everything you will need can be found right in front of you in this course guide.  This guide should help shed light on many important resources that can possibly answer those important questions that all historians grapple with such as: 

  • What is History?
  • What is Public History?
  • Can History be objective?
  • Why is Public History significant
  • Who is said to have invented Public History?
  • To what degree is history interpretation (or "constructed") and what role do "facts" play in that process?


Lawrence Mello, M.A. M.L.S.

Librarian Liaison to the History Department