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ARH6897 Visual Art & Sound - McConnell: Articles & Images

Course guide for Dr. Brian McConnell's Art History Graduate Seminar, Fall 2019

Locating Full-Text Articles

Select Find it @ FAU if the article you are looking for does not appear as full text in the database.


Artstor has live and recorded webinars to instruct you on how to get the most from Artstor and its resources. Check them out!

Best Practices for Locating an Article

1.       Identify the title of the journal (Example:  Early Music) and date from the reference to the article that you need.


2.       Go to the FAU Libraries home page by typing in 


3.      In the blue box in the center of the page, click on the tab at the top for "Journals" and type in the name of the journal (Example:   Early Music).


4.      Locate a database (Example: Oxford Journals Online) where your journal and year of publication can be found, and click on the database name.


5.      In the database, click on the year of the journal that you need, and locate by date and page numbers (or title) of your article.


Roche, Elizabeth. "Visualizing Handel." Early Music, 37(Feb. 2009): 135. (accessed September 24, 2019).


6.   ANOTHER WAY TO SEARCH: You can also use OneSearch to find the full text of an article, by typing in the author's name and the keywords in the title.  (Example:  "Elizabeth Roche" and "Visualizing Handel").                        

Off Campus Connect (EZProxy)

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