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SLS FAU Engineering: Databases & Resources


View our General Resource Databases.

Selected Databases

All of the databases in this discipline can be found in our Engineering and Technology databases section.

    Search Limiters

    Using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), to further limit ideas, concepts and topics. Use one or more of the following with your topic to narrow down an aspect of your topic. 

    • argument
    • attitudes
    • benefits
    • confronting
    • crimes against
    • crisis
    • criticism
    • debate
    • definition
    • ethics
    • health aspects
    • interviews
    • issues
    • (laws or regulations)
    • outcomes
    • outlook
    • political aspects
    • policy
    • prevention
    • projects
    • properties
    • psychological aspects
    • public opinion
    • reform
    • religious aspects
    • rights
    • research
    • social policy
    • statistical data
    • structure
    • theories
    • trend
    • usage
    • viewpoint

    Remember to use "quotation marks" around phrases to search for words as phrases.