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CEN 4010: Principles of Software Engineering: Website Evaluation

Resource Guide for Dr. Lofton Bullard's class


Use the CRAAP Test to evaluate information sources, including websites. 

  • Currency
  • Relevance
  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Purpose (Bias)

Here are a few sites for general and specific CRAAP Tests:

Website Evaluation

What's in a suffix?

Confused by a suffix to a website URL?
  • .gov = a U.S. government website
    (i.e., White House)
  • .com = a commercial website
    (i.e., Amazon)
  • .edu = an educational website
    (i.e., Florida Atlantic University)
  • .org = a non-profit organization website (i.e., National Education Association)
  • .uk, .fr, etc. = websites from countries other than U.S. (i.e., United Kingdom, France, etc.)

TIP: Search Google for a topic by suffix to restrict the search to types of websites. Search format: put in search terms, and then site:.____ (____ will be .gov, .edu, .org, etc.)
(Ex: African crafts will bring up websites about African crafts at .edu websites)

Fake News

The techniques outlined in this infographic can also be applied to general Website Evaluation.

How to Spot Fake News infographic