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NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy

This guide provides a brief overview of the NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy. For more information please visit

Repositories for Sharing Scientific Data

NIH encourages researchers to select the repository that is most appropriate for their data type and discipline. This guide includes links to NIH-supported Scientific Data Repositories, Generalist Repositories, Nature's Data Repository Guidance, and Repository Search Tools. Please use these resources to select a data repository which is most appropriate for your data.

NIH-supported Scientific Data Repositories

Generalist Repositories

Per the National Institutes of Health:

While NIH encourages the use of domain-specific repositories where possible, such repositories are not available for all datasets. When investigators cannot locate a repository for their discipline or the type of data they generate, a generalist repository can be a useful place to share data. Generalist repositories accept data regardless of data type, format, content, or disciplinary focus. NIH does not recommend a specific generalist repository and the list below, which is not exhaustive, is provided as a guide for locating generalist repositories.

Nature’s Data Repository Guidance

Repository Search Tools

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