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Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies- LOC Call Numbers

Books on ethnic studies range into a wide variety of subject areas across the social sciences, history, education, political sciences, and more.

Religion (General)

  • Call Number: BL1 - 50

Native American Studies

  • Call Number: E50 - 100

African-American Studies

  • Call Number: E184.5 - 185.98

Race (General)

  • Call Number: GN269 - 279

Culture & Cultural Processes including Social Change, Structuralism, Diffusion, etc

  • Call Number: GN354 - 367

Ethnic Groups & Races

  • Call Number: GN537 - 674

General Social Sciences

  • Call Number: H1 - 99

General Sociology

  • Call Number: HM1 - 299

Race (Social Sciences)

  • Call Number: HT1501-1595

Colonies & Colonization, Emigration & Immigration, International Migration (Political Science)

  • Call Number: JV1 - 9840

Intercultural Education (General)

  • Call Number: LC1099 - 1099.5

Suggested Books

Further Reading

For additional electronic books, see the library catalog at or the following databases under the link databases:  Social Sciences Premium Collection, Sage Reference and AnthroSource

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