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Honors Theses


      Provisional Self-Evidence
      by Rachael Arrighi
      Pub. Date: 2013

      Hilary Rodham Clinton: Feminist, Success, and the First Ladyship
      by Heather Boyer
      Pub. Date: 2006

      "Ethnosexual Frontiers": Where Art Meets Race within International Politics of Immigrant Bodies
      by Renata R. Bozzetto
      Pub. Date: 2011

      E-Raced: The Shift from the Maker to the Made
      by Morgan DeFranco
      Pub. Date: 2003

      Perceptions of Beauty
      by Michael John Metzner,
      Pub. Date: 2012

      'Teaching Bodies': The Feminization and Racialization of the American Teacher
      by Claire Oliver
      Pub. Date: 2009

      Broken Shells: A Review of Sea Turtle Health
      by Lea Priamou
      Pub. Date: 2008
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