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The EBM Medical Literature Search

ACQUIRE the Right Articles

Basic & Advanced search strategies are used in literature searches to align your PICO question to the results you hope to get back in order to answer it. 

This tab explores the following strategies. Click on one, below, or hover over the navigation column to access the drop down pages. 

 Boolean Operators:

Explore AND, OR, NOT. 



Incorporate symbols like parentheses, quotation marks, truncation, and wildcards. 



Combine Boolean Operators, Symbols, and even controlled vocab into one search string. 


  Controlled Vocabulary

Bring in controlled vocabulary to supplement keyword searches. 



Use filters to narrow searches to year published, populations groups, language, publication types, and more. 


Snowball Search (AKA Citation Mining, Chain Searching)

Don't forget to get your search rolling by taking a look at and collecting those articles' references and citations. 

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