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Free Resources: Welcome

Free Resources Guide

The Free Resources LibGuide contains multiple tabs/pages and thousands of links to many sources of information. 

Use the Index to find and browse the many subtopics, or use the Search Box at the top right of any guide page to search for individual words/topics.


Welcome to Free Resources!
A source for reference materials reviewed by librarians.

This guide was first presented at the 2010 Annual Southeast Florida Libraries Information Network (SEFLIN) Regional Conference—SEFLIN Conference 2010: Services on a Shoestring—under the title, “S.O.S.: Free and Great Resources!” by Lauri Rebar and Bebe Chang. 

At the 2011 Annual Florida Library Association Conference, in support of the theme, “Open Libraries… Open Minds,” we were pleased to present an even greater number of resources.  The all-too-familiar refrain of budget constraints must be replaced by cooperation and collaboration in order to promote much needed awareness of the existence of useful and authoritative resources freely and readily available to librarians and patrons for easy access and use.

In addition to containing search strategies, Free Resources is:

  • organized according to broad disciplines with focused subdivisions
  • presented in a LibGuide to be used as a finding tool
  • for all age groups and reading levels
  • a place of free (alternative) internet resources to consider in place of discontinued databases
  • reference materials reviewed by librarians
  • a quick reference to valuable resources which may be hard to find, are one-of-a-kind sites, or may be excellent lists of valuable current sites
  • constantly growing and being reviewed.

Your role?

  • Use and promote Free Resources
  • Submit appropriate resources for inclusion in (or deletion from) the guide.

Best Regards, Lauri and Bebe

We are a Community: Share your Resources!

"... in these tight economic times, it is libraries themselves that may be one of the best markets for this information. One of the key functions of a library is to assure that its patrons get the best information at the best price. And when money is so tight for libraries, it is professionally irresponsible to pay for resources that are otherwise available for free."  [Foreword by Steve Coffman]

from: Tomaiuolo, N.G. & Quint, B. (2004). The Web Library: Building a World Class Personal Library with Free Web Resources. Medford, N.J.: Information Today, Inc. p. xxi.

Free Resources is continually being updated.  Icons indicate:

  • best-loved resources 
  • site contains commercial ads 
  • limited open access OR fee or subscription-based site 

Please share your links for great resources so we can share them with others! Please bear in mind the following criteria when suggesting links:

  • Accuracy
  • Authority
  • Coverage
  • Currency>
  • Objectivity / Bias

(The Web Page Evaluation Checklist from University of California, Berkeley, is a great resource for this).

Thank you for your contribution! If you do not like or feel a particular resource we have listed is relevant or useful, please let us know that too!


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