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Textbook Reserves


Caring Science


NUR 3065 Health Assessment in Nursing Situations


NUR 3115 Foundations of Caring in Nursing Situations


NUR 3262 Chronic Care in Nursing Situations for Adults and Aging Populations


NUR 4125 General Pathophysiology


NUR 4525 Psychiatric and Mental Health: Nursing Situations Across the Lifespan 


NUR 4824 Professional Development in Nursing 1: Ethical and Legal Perspectives of Caring 


NUR 4833 Professional Development in Nursing 2: Designer of Caring Environments


NUR 4860 Professional Development in Nursing 3: Leader/Coordinator of Caring Environments


NUR 6110 Advanced Nursing Practice Grounded in Caring


NUR 7942 Integration of Cultural Concepts: D.N.P. Seminar