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Medical Residents' Library User Guide: Library Resources & More

FAU Medical Library

To return to the Medical and Health Sciences Collections and User Services page, please click here

Accessing & Requesting Resources

EZProxy/ Off Campus Connect can be accessed through either the main FAU library website or medical library portal. All residents must log in through EZ Proxy when off campus. 

In order to access journals and databases, log in via EZ Proxy with your FAU Net ID and password.  If you have problems with EZ Proxy, contact Tiffany Follin ( to check your account.

  • EZ Proxy Log-in Page  
  • EZ Proxy Video Tutorial
  • EZ Proxy PDF Tutorial- (Image, on right. Or, see link at bottom of this box for attachment)


Where to Find: Medical Library Website

What You Need: Your FAU username and password

To Use: From the Medical Library main page, click on the "Off Campus Access/ EZProxy" hyperlink located in the left navigation column. Click the FAUnet ID icon in the left blue box; then fill in your username and password to log in. 

Troubleshooting: FAU NetID passwords can be reset by calling OIT at 561-297-3999 or via the OIT Self-Service portal, HERE




OneSearch is a tool for searching across most of the FAU Libraries resources.  Use it to search for journal articles, newspaper articles, books, digital collections, government documents, maps, music recordings, videos, and more. 


Where to Find: On the main Library webpage

                           Within the Medical department portal menu (Click "Research & Point of Care")

                            Clicking the OneSearch Icon, above. 

What You Need: FAUNet ID and password for EZproxy access. 

To Use: Off campus users should sign into EZproxy before conducting a search to ensure materials can be accessed without issues. Then navigate to the OneSearch box and type in your inquiry. Use the categories to the left for refining your search results. For an advanced search, click the "advanced" option next to the search box. 




Clicking on the “Find it @ FAU” automatically searches the entire FAU holdings to determine if full-text access to the chosen journal article or individual journal is available.

Be sure to sign into EZproxy BEFORE searching a library database (such as PubMed) to insure you will have access to more full-text articles. Findit@FAU will NOT appear if you are not logged into the EZproxy.

For example, this service is available in PubMed where the icon will appear on the top right of the screen when you click on a specific article. This is in addition to PubMed’s routine linking out to available “free articles” from PubMed Central and other services.

  • Find it@FAU FAQ page 


Where to Find: Any FAU Libraries database

What You Need: FAU NetID and password

To Use: If off-campus, log into EZ Proxy first. Proceed with your search using a database such as Pubmed. When you encounter a citation source, click "Find it@FAU" to link to a full-text article, if available. If it if not available through FAU resources, Find it@FAU will link to an ILL request page. 

Special Note: If you encounter any issues, please refer to the FAQ link listed above to troubleshoot. 




If you require materials (books or articles) that the FAU Libraries do not have available, you can order them through Interlibrary Loan. Where a lender charges for an item, the library will pay a set amount to bring an item in (should the cost be higher the library will notify you of the total cost and ask if you wish to pay the remainder of the charge.)

You will need to register and make an account the first time you use the service. Please use your email: non FAU emails are invalid

  Helpful links: 


Where to Find: Main Medical Library Page;  Library Catalog; OneSearch

What You Need: Your FAUnet ID and password. 

To Use: 

Main Medical Page: Log in directly to ILL using the hyperlink located in the left navigation column; use your FAUnetID and password to sign in. Manually fill an ILL request and click "submit request."

Catalog: If your search title is not in the library catalog, Click on the "Worldcat" hyperlink located in the yellow box on the left side of the page. Choose the title, then click "Send request to ILLiad," located in the green-lined box. Sign in with your FAUnetID and password. Your request will be manually filled in. Click "submit request."

OneSearch: If you search a title not available in the OneSearch system, you will be presented with the item's record page. Click the gray "Interlibrary Loan Request" icon. Sign in with your FAUnetID and password. Your request will be manually filled in. Click "submit request."

Special Note: If you have an urgent request that is time sensitive such as a grant deadline, make sure to include the deadline date within the ILL request and additionally contact the Medical and Health Sciences Collections & User Services Department to ensure the most rapid assistance available.


The video, below, has been created by the ILL department to demonstrate how to place ILL requests. 

  • Interlibrary Loan: Darth Slitherous is in need of material not at FAU. Before lashing out with the Dark side of the Force in frustration, fate (AKA a librarian) intervenes: do or do not use ILL, there is no try. 


UBorrow allows you to request books directly from participating libraries within the Florida state university system. This unmediated borrowing service increases your access to the collections of the other universities in Florida and delivers more quickly than standard Interlibrary Loan. 



Where to Find: Library catalog

What You Need: Owl Card (14 digit number plus verification number) 

To Use: Enter your search term in the library catalog. If your item is not at FAU, look for the blue UBORROW icon towards the upper left corner of the page. If your title is available to borrow in the UBORROW system, first click on the record and then on the blue UBORROW icon again. Sign in with your 14 digit owl card number and pin to request the material. 

Special Note: Only books can be requested through the UBORROW system. You will be required to pick up your material at the Circulation Desk when it arrives. For campus visiting information, please refer to the FAQ page



The video, below, has been created by the ILL department to demonstrate how to place UBorrow requests. 

  • UBorrow: Colin Sprout searches for a Harry Potter title but finds an empty spot on the shelf. What's a student to do? Accio UBorrow! if only it was as easy to Accio back those 15 points he lost for House Hufflepuff. 

Exploring FAU Resources

Books are also available via FAU Library's  database resources listed below. 

This guide provides useful info on tools you can use in both managing and citing your sources. 

Point of Care Tutorials are available for the following databases:

  • AccessMedicine
  • ClinicalKey
  • Facts and Comparisons


To view the databases categorized by feature, check out the Database Quick Reference Guide. 

The Database Quick Reference Guide is a comprehensive list of FAU medical resources available. Broken down by database feature, it offers the busy clinician a more streamlined point of access to Library Resources based on their in-the-moment need. 


There are two ways to access the Database Quick Reference Guide. 

1) Click the blue tab towards the top of this libguide.


2) From the main Medical Library page, by clicking "Guides" in the left column.

Created to walk a user through a literature search as it relates to EBM: from creating a search question from a basic need (clinical or research) to searching the literature, to evaluating and applying the medical literature to your question. 

Guidelines can be found within the following FAU Library Databases. 

Read by QxMD​

'Read by QxMD' provides a single place to keep up with new medical & scientific research, read outstanding topic reviews and search PubMed. Users will need to sign into app with their FAU credentials. Once verified, QxMD can remain logged in per the user's preference. 


  • Get full text PDFs with one tap
  •  Keep up with the latest new research that will impact your practice
  •  Browse through 1000s of outstanding topic reviews
  •  Search millions of articles from PubMed and our database of outstanding topic reviews
  •  Read your favorite journals or browse article collections.
  •  Access full text through your university/institutional subscription or via open access publishers
  •  Share articles with colleagues over email, Twitter and Facebook
  •  Organize and review your personal collection of articles
  •  Earn CME credit. 

FAU Residents now have access to UTD on and off campus via the library. For your convenience, here is an EZProxy stable link you can use to bookmark within your devices:^u&srcsys=EZPX469871. UTD has also been added to the library’s main webpage under “Library resources" and the Database Quick Reference guide.

  • First time  users will need to create a personal account for UTD (use your FAU email address). You can do this both on or off campus. If off campus, please sign into EZProxy, first. 


Please note: UpToDate is to be used for FAU educational purposes only. Please do not share your UpToDate or FAU credentials with anyone. Access to UpToDate is limited to FAU FULL-TIME employees and medical students, and will be monitored for unauthorized use. 



The UpToDate app is also available via Google Play and App Store. Sign into the app with your personal UTD account:


Resident Resources



BMJ Case Reports

Note: FAU Libraries maintains an annual subscription to BMJ Case Reports, and are provided a fellowship code which waives the author submission fee for FAU residents, affiliate faculty, faculty, and students. Contact us for the code. 


Tiffany Follin:

Department Email:

    Mango Connect 


Download the app to get your first language in any language for free. Link your profile to FAU Libraries to gain full access to Mango content. 

Medicial Spanish lessons are available in both the website and app version. 


Mayo Clinic Proceedings are available through ClinicalKey. 


  1.  From off campus, sign into EZProxy with your FAUNetID.
  2. Click "ClinicalKey," located on the department home page under the blue Research & POC column. 
  3. In the search bar, use the drop down to change "All types" to "Journals", and type in "mayo clinic proceedings."
  4. Your results will contain a gray box: choose to view the current edition or all journal volumes. 



Access to the site is free to all learners, however, access to the Rotational Prep content requires completion of a NEJM Residental Profile and associating it with an individual or institutional membership. 


Note: To create an account, click the "Create Account" button located in the top right corner. Use your FAU email. To authenticate your institutional access, you must sign in the first time on campus.  If you are on campus, please log out of your account and resign into it. After this initial campus sign-in, the system will remember your account. 



SPSS is provided by the university. The virtual apps store can be accessed HERE

Instructions and Guides, HERE

Access COM Support Center's  Knowledge base, create a ticket for Tech help, access software links and downloads. 

While the library is a separate unit from the COM IT & Ed Tech department, we work closely with them. If ever in doubt, reach out to either of us and we will ensure your query is answered by the right department. 

& More

This box contains general medical resources that are not in the medical library's resource collection.  It is meant as a guide to reliable information but may not be relevant to your individual needs. Please consult with your program director or colleagues before subscribing or making a purchase. 


FAU libraries no longer offers DynaMed, however ACP members are able to access Dynamed Plus complimentary through July 2020. 

Please see the below link: 



AMA  members are eligible for 18 months of complimentary full access, while JAMA subscribers are eligible for 9 months complimentary full access. To sign in or create an account, see the below link: 


Evidence based, peer-reviewed, bi-weekly publication evaluating pharmaceutical drugs. CME credits are available: earn up to 52 credits per year.


Citi Program

 Register as an independent user to take courses on research ethics, compliance, and professional development education. 


Cochrane Podcasts are 5-minute reviews of recent Cochrane-Reviews, delivered by the author. Podcasts are available via the website's complete catalog or through iTunes.