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FAU Libraries Professional Development Resource Guide for Library Staff

Professional Development

This Resource Guide will offer FAU Libraries faculty & staff information about ongoing webinars, workshops, and trainings, related policies & procedures, and other resources for professional development and continuing education.

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Training Opportunity FAQs

1. I plan to attend a Free Webinar at my Desk

Great! Register with the training provider as you would normally.

Examples of this might be one of the offerings through SEFLIN or Florida Library Webinars.

2. I plan to attend a Free Webinar and would like to see about interest in Group Viewing

Solicit (or request that your supervisor solicit) interest within your department. If a group viewing is arranged by your department, you may share with this committee at and request that we announce it on the lyprofdev-l listserv.

Examples of this might be one of the offerings through SEFLIN or Florida Library Webinars.

3. I would like to attend a Fee-Based Webinar where group registration is an option

Solicit (or request that your supervisor solicit) interest within your department. If there is enough interest, contact this committee at On a case-by-case basis, we can work with your department (or supervisor) and Library Administration to seek funds for a group viewing. 

If you know of someone in your department with a membership with the organization providing the training, please let us know. Often, members will have access to better registration rates.

Examples of this kind of training might be a webinar offered through NISO or LLAMA.

4. I would like to attend a Fee-Based Course that cannot be attended as a group/does not have the option of group viewing

If you wish to take an online fee-based course that is not well suited to group viewing (or group viewing is not an option), you are encouraged at this time to use your own travel allocation if possible (and relevant).

An example of thsi might be one of the 6-8 week online courses offered through Library Juice Academy.

5. May I share opportunities with my colleagues or the committee?

Yes! If you come across a training opportunity you may share it with the committee at, and ask us to distribute onto the listserv.

6. Can I suggest content for this LibGuide?

Yes! If you don't see a particular training provider on our "Upcoming Opportunities" tab (of this LibGuide), please feel free to suggest we add it!

7. What can I share on the listserv?

At this time, we are using the listserv as a way for the committee to distribute information to interested library personnel. If there is interest, avenues for supporting and fostering discussion could be explored. 

8. I have a question to submit to this page

Do you have a question that you would like to see on our "FAQs" List? Please let us know!

9. I am having an issue accessing a training.

The answer to this may vary. Depending on the particular issue, you might need to contact Thomas O'Brien, the FAU Libraries SEFLIN Training Coordinator, our committee in general, FAU Libaries Systems Department, or OIT. This section will contain more detailed information in the near future.