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Tiffany Follin

Medical Liaison and Outreach Librarian
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Tiffany Follin
Virtual Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 11pm- 1pm.
Visit Me Virtually

Drop-ins are welcome & appointments available on request.
Tiffany Follin is the primary medical library contact person for all off-campus clinical faculty, all residents, and FAU's COM community partners. In addition, she acts as a liaison between various parties and the library resources in resolving EZ Proxy issues; offers reference and research services to CoM faculty, clinical faculty, students, residents, and staff; and offers assistance in gaining access to and learning resources such as QxMD Read.

Some of Tiffany's responsibilities in the department has also included maintaining the library webpage by introducing new pages and updating links. She has worked with CoM's Ed Tech department in developing a Mobile Apps list; developed the Database Quick Reference Guide, created the FAQ page, updated the Affiliate and Resident Info page, and reorganized the M1-M4 core book lists to allow a more intuitive approach to the library resources when used by faculty and students.

Contact for:

EZ Proxy/ Off-Campus Access Issues

Resource Access/ Finding Full-Text Articles

Interlibrary Loan Requests & Account set-up Assistance

Literature Review Assistance

One-on-One Instruction

Group Training
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COVID-19 Resources
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Finding Images
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Medical Mobile Apps
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