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Point-of-Care Databases: Facts and Comparisons

Accessing Facts & Comparisons eAnswers

A primary source for drug information for pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals, providing drug information, interactions, alternative herbal therapies, and patient medication handouts.

Facts & Comparisons eAnwers can be accessed from the Medicine and Health Sciences Collections & User Services web portal.

Utilizing Facts & Comparisons eAnswers

Searching in Facts and Comparisons eAnswers:

Facts and Comparisons eAnswers is predominantly aimed at providing drug information.  As a result the most effective searches utilize drug names and/or classes.

Search Tips:

Simple Search: Boolean searching is NOT effectively supported in this feature.  Keep your searches simple and at the top end.  For example is you want to know about anemia related to pregnancy and birth, search for anemia and then look for its complications within the monograph (you can use Ctrl F within a monograph).  There is a limited ability to search with "AND", but "OR" and "NOT" are not supported

Advanced Search:  Use this feature when for phrases e.g.  "sickle cell anemia" or to utilize more than one term.

Facts and Comparison's search function automaticallylooks for alternate spellings and related concepts.  It also provides suggests when it doesn't recognise the word you have entered, e.g. if you enter "anaemia", the database searches for "anemia" and provides results for this word while also suggesting other the terms, "anamu" and "enema".

Search Results

When a drug monograph can be matched to your search this will be the default view.  Where several monographs or summaries are available they will be displayed on the left hand side, along with links to other references such as patient information and new articles. 

Drug Monographs

The drug monographs provide an assortment of information on the drug including "Black box warnings", adverse reactions, indication etc.  On the top right side tool bar there will also be links to patient handouts and other related information such as Patient Assistance Programs where available.  Tabs across the top of the monograph relate to different medication routes e.g oral v IV use.  "Breadcrumbs" along the top of the database also allow you to navigate between the individual drug and class of drug.

Advanced Dosing Tools

  • ACLS Calculator
  • PALS Calculator
  • NALS Calculator
  • Drip Rate Tools
  • Pharmokinetics Tools


Clinical calculators include:

  • Anti-infective Dosing
  • Body Measurements
  • General Pharmacotherapy
  • Laboratory Values
  • Medical
  • Unit Conversions
  • Math Calculator

Patient Handouts

Links to Medication Guides have been added to appropriate Drug Facts and Comparisons® monographs. These guides are FDA-approved patient information for selected prescription drugs that the FDA believes pose a serious and significant public health concern.