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Ocean Exploration

For more than three decades, Harbor Branch has explored the world’s oceans. Ocean exploration is the reason Harbor Branch was started, and exploration continues to be our inspiration for research, innovation and conservation.


This is the FAU Libraries subject guide for Ocean Exploration. The goal of this page is to provide scientists, faculty, and researchers with prompt access to FAU library resources in this subject. The following can be found in this guide:

  • Get Articles: this page provides links to databases, or large, online collections of journal articles. Some databases also provide statistics and figures.
  • Browse Journals: read scholarly literature published by professionals in the field.
  • Find Books: access the FAU Libraries catalog and the FAU/HBOI catalog to locate books and other library materials owned by the libraries.
  • Web Sites: not all information on the internet is junk! This page links to reputable organizations and agencies that focus on ocean exploration. For assistance in using the library or conducting research, contact myself or another librarian!


Pamela Alderman

Library Director, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution  

Subject Terms

The following is a partial list of subject headings for topics in Ocean Exploration:

  • Oceanography
  • Discovery and exploration
  • Underwater exploration
  • Coral reefs and islands
  • Marine animals
  • Marine biology
  • Ocean bottom
  • Ocean circulation
  • Shipwrecks
  • Submarine topography
  • Submarine trenches
  • Tide waters
  • Marine biotechnology
  • Natural products chemistry
  • Marine ecology
  • Marine molecular biology