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Medical Mobile Apps: Emergency Preparedness

FAU Medical Library

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Useful Websites

National/ International



Recommended Professional Apps

NIH's full list of app tools are available here: Disaster Apps for your Digital To Go Bag

  Emergency Medical Spanish

iOS | Android 

Designed for non-Spanish healthcare providers in an emergency situation when a translator is unavailable. Medical Spanish is broken into sections, and most answers are presented in a yes/no format. 



iOS | Android 

Guide created for health care providers, primarily physicians, about the clinical diagnosis and treatment of radiation injury during radiological and nuclear emergencies. Some features: Dose Estimators, Triage tools, Emergency Contacts, Radiation Units, Videos, and more. 



iOS | Android 

The WISER app allows 5 user profiles: 1st responder, Hazmat Specialist, EMS, Hospital Provider, or Preparedness Planner. Users are then present with options that will help in an emergency situation that requires fast-paced thinking. Features: Search for known substances; help identify an unknown chemical or syndrome; First Response kit; Casualty Response documentation; Training and Planning; Creating a Planning Doc; and more!

Recommended Personal Communication Apps


iOS | Android 

FireChat is a free messaging app for public and private communications that works even without internet access or cellular data. 



iOS | Android 

Turn your device into a walkie-talkie on any internet, wi-fi, or hot-spot connection. This app must have an internet connection or cellular data of 2g to work, please click here for more details or here for FAQs.  

Official FAU App

 Owl Ready  

iOS | Android 

Owl Ready is the official preparedness and safety app of Florida Atlantic University. It is the only app that integrates with FAU's safety, security and alerting systems and gives you guidance to prepare for, and respond to a host of emergency events. Emergency Management, with assistance from Public Safety, has worked to develop this unique app that provides Florida Atlantic University’s students, faculty and staff with an added preparedness and safety toolbox. The app will also send you important emergency alerts and provide instant access to campus resources.

Recommended Navigation Apps


iOS | Android


Provides user-generated information on gas stations in your searched area in a map format. Find gas station locations if you are on the move, see currently listed gas prices, update out-of-date prices for other users, and have the ability to see if stations are out of gas so you can quickly navigate past them. 


  Google Maps

iOS | Android

Google Maps allows you to search for a specific address or business name, explore food & drinks in the area, view traffic information, and obtain directions. The app also allows users to use downloaded offline maps that may help if their signal is lost while evacuating and the planned route is detoured due to blocked roads. 



iOS | Android

Find out what is on your route with Waze. Users have the option of scrolling around a map to view general road activities in an area such as traffic jams or police activities or can enter their destination to see what is along their route. One neat feature of Waze is the ability to see a friend's ETA when driving to the same place (only seen if you "share" with each other). 

Recommended Weather Apps

  The Weather Channel 

iOS | Android

Weather Channel for Ipad: Quickly access your current & forecasted weather, view radar map that allows you to customize current weather layers, read articles, watch videos, and access the Local Pollen and State Flu reports. Users have the option to set severe weather and pollens alerts for their home location. In addition, the app has a travel weather feature that allows you to plan your visit by providing weather details, maps, and a comparison of how the destination weather feels compared to your current location. 

  Weather Underground

iOS | Android

Find current and forecasted conditions, create Smart Forecasts to be notified when the weather will be ideal for your planned activity, and refer to the Hurricane & Tropical Cyclone sections to quickly reference active systems. "On the Web" box provides links to News, Infographics, Scientific Discussion, and more.  

Recommended Preparedness Apps

 Hurricane by American Red Cross

iOS | Android

Monitor and track severe weather in multiple locations and customize your Alert Radius; Prepare for before, during, and after the storm; Access interactive storm tracker that shows the past and predicted storm track; Locate American Red Cross shelters (pet-friendly shelters are indicated). Available in Spanish and English. 



iOS | Android

Sortly is a visual inventory organization app. Snap pictures, organize items into folders and assign values to your belongings. Users can add notes and even add lending info to items that are borrowed.