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Map Collection

Map Collection @ Wimberly


The FAU Libraries map collection includes over 38,000 physical maps and also provides access to online map resources. Our extensive collection of maps includes historical, geological, political, travel, topical maps, and more. The map collection is located on the First Floor East of the S.E. Wimberly Library. 

This page introduces our map collection. For a more detailed finding guide please visit Map Collection. 

25 Maps That Will Change the Way You See the World.

Maps are usually classified by these three types: Political, Physical, and Thematic.

Online Digital Maps

Census Bureau's Interactive Maps
Find many interactive mapping tools for different topics.

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) produces and maintains a large collection of geologic maps and provides critical data on many topics.

Topographic Maps

U.S. Geological Survey 1:24,000 Topographic Maps
National Ocean Service, 1:100,000 Topographic-Bathymetric Maps

How to Read a Topo Map  (Short video)

How to Read a Topographic Map (NRSC, USDA)

Map Scales (USGS Fact Sheet)

What are Topographic Maps?
 "Topographic maps show the three-dimensional shape of the landscape by representing equal elevation with lines on a two-dimensional map; they are in essence a type of contour map." 

Who use topographic maps?
Topographic maps are often used by hikers or outdoor enthusiasts, geoscientists and geoscience students.

How do we use topographic maps?
"Topographic maps are used to understand the shape of the land, whether a slope will fail, how glaciers are changing, and geologic history, among many other things. Geoscientists make and use them to construct geologic maps, to find the best building sites, to estimate where flooding will take place, and to determine the best site for archeological or paleontological digs."

What does the scale of the map do?
Scale is the relation of the size of the map to the actual size of the area. For example, it helps people understand how far they must hike to get to a particular place or the distance between two points on a road.

Source: Science Education Resource Center

Physical Sciences and Social Sciences Maps

U.S.G.S. Geological Maps
Includes Coal Investigations, Geophysical Investigations, Geological Quadrangle, Hydrologic Investigations, Mineral Investigations, Oil and Gas Investigations, Alaskan Vegetation Land Cover, and Miscellaneous Field Studies Maps.

National Geographic Society Maps
Includes U.S. and international along with maps on world cultures and the environment.

Celestial Maps
Sky maps that are used to study objects like stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, or the earth's moon.

Use for maps and location details

Interactive Digital Maps

Historical Maps

U.S. Civil War History Maps
Includes a series of maps detailing the Battle of Gettysburg and the First Manassas (Bull Run) Battle.

Historical Florida City and County Maps
Includes State of Florida city and county maps.

Florida Historical Maps
Includes Florida tourist road maps, street maps, and maps for various recreational activities.
Use for maps and location details


World Maps

Use maps to discover different cultures and geographic information in different countries and regions. 

International Travel Maps
Includes most countries of the world, regions, and cities of selected countries, and world regions.

International and World Maps
Includes individual countries, world regions, and global maps which are all mainly historical with some topographic maps of areas in selected countries.

Executive Office of the President (PREX) International Maps
Includes countries and world regions and features detailed maps on areas involved in current events such as Iraq and Afghanistan.
Use for maps and location details

Government Maps

U.S. Documents Maps
Includes thematic maps featuring a wide variety of topics like population, environment, and natural resources.

U.S. Department of the Interior Maps
Various series of folded maps were published by the National Park Service (SuDoc # I29), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (#I49), and Bureau of Land Management (#I53). Located on First Floor West in the Gov. Docs circulating collection. Check the library catalog for holdings.

Census 2000 Tract Outline Maps and Block Group Maps
Includes census maps for Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties. Located in LY 109, Gov. Docs Office.