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Billing Guide: Incoming Invoices

Incoming Invoices

  • In ILLiad, open transaction
    • Double-check the history of the item to see if it was returned before we received the invoice
  • Put note on record stating we received the invoice with invoice type (replacement, damaged, borrowing/lending fee), amount, and the lender’s OCLC symbol
  • Update master excel "Master Incoming Invoice Sheet" with invoice info
  • Follow instructions below starting with Patron Payment

Patron Payment

  • Contact patron through ILLiad email with potential charges. i.e If item is not returned by a specified date, their account will be charged the specified amount on the invoice. (A week is our standard time allowed to return).
    • If they ask to submit a replacement copy instead, contact Lender to see if a replacement copy is acceptable
  • Add flag to transaction “Awaiting Patron Contact”
  • After/if the period has passed without return, apply charges to patron’s account via ALEPH
    • Instructions - Y: Drive/Billing/Billing Procedures/Patron Charge Procedure

University Payment

  • Once patron has paid:
    • Log into Workday and search for "Create Supplier Request" form
    • Check to see if the lending institution is in Workday as a Supplier
      • Search for the Workday "Create Supplier Request" form
      • If institution is in the system, it will come up when you enter it in the “Supplier Name” field in the “Create Supplier Request” form
    • If in Workday, email the invoice to Beth in Admin with the invoice number in the subject line and that they are a Supplier in Workday
    • If not in Workday, use the Workday form “Create Supplier Request”
      • You must obtain W9 from the lender to submit along with the invoice
        • Fill out form and appropriate fields
        • Attach W9 and invoice
        • Submit and complete To-Do to send an ACH enrollment form to the lender
          • Instructions with screenshots - Y:Drive/Billing/Billing Procedures/”Create Supplier Request WD Job Aid”
  • Update OCLC to complete or returned (whichever is applicable)
  • Update ILLiad to “Request Finished”

Verifying Payment:

  • Use Workday form “Find Supplier Invoice—with Payments”
  • To search for remittance:
    • Fill out “Supplier”, “Invoice Data On/After” (date invoice was sent to Admin), and “SmartTag” fields
      • Library SmartTag: TAG000068
  • Once payment is complete, assemble hard copy packet
    • “Incoming Invoice Cover Sheet” (on top)
    • Copy of invoice
    • Screenshot of paid record in Workday
  • Save files under Y: Drive/Billing/Incoming Invoices/“OCLC Symbol”/“Invoice Number”
  • Update master excel "Master Incoming Invoice Sheet"
    • "Date sent to Admin"
    • "Finished"
    • "FAU Paid"
    • In the Notes field state it was paid via Workday invoice with the number (can be found on the Workday record)

Replacement Copies

If a borrowed book is lost:

In the case our patron asks to buy a replacement copy, it is up to the lending institution if a replacement copy is acceptable for a lost item.

  • If so, the patron must pay the any processing fees given by the lending institution as well as send/drop off the new copy to us
  • After receiving the replacement copy:
    • Update master Excel sheet “Master Incoming Invoices”:
      • Date we received the replacement as “invoice credited” date
      • “Finished” – Yes
      • “FAU Paid” – No
    • Assemble hard copy packet
    • Mail replacement copy to Lender via UPS—include a copy of the invoice and any correspondence with the institution
    • Place note on ILLiad record of the date we received the replacement and that the invoice is cancelled.
    • Notify the Lender via email you mailed the replacement
      • Place note on record with the tracking number once mailed out