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Billing Guide: Outgoing Invoices

Outgoing Invoice

After an item is damaged, lost, or there has been an overdue period of 30 days or more, an invoice can be issued.

Generating an invoice:

  • In ILLiad, open the Lending tab
  • Go to the “Item Shipped” queue
  • Sort by “Due Date”
  • Open transaction
    • Double-check to see if item is available in our catalog
    • If still checked out and/or lost, generate an invoice
  • Input information into “Invoice Template”
    • Y:Drive/Billing/Template/Invoice Template
  • Save file under Y: Drive/Billing/Outgoing Invoices/“OCLC Symbol”/ “Folder with Invoice Number”
  • Input information into master Excel file, “Master Outgoing Invoices”
    • Y:Drive/Billing/Outgoing Invoices/Master Outgoing Invoice
  • Put note on record stating the invoice was sent to the borrower. Include invoice type (replacement, damaged, borrowing/lending fee), amount, and the borrower’s OCLC symbol
    • Replacement cost: $66.81 (replacement fee) + $6.00 (processing fee) = $72.81
    • If asked by the borrower, a replacement copy (new and same edition) is acceptable with the $6.00 processing fee
      • Note: Instructions can be found in the Payment Processing tab of this libguide
  • Update OCLC to complete with the ILL number
  • Add flag to transaction in ILLiad - “Lending Invoice Sent”
  • Update ILLiad to “Request Finished”
  • Send invoice to borrower via email with the invoice number in the subject line
    • Invoice Email Template: Y:Drive/Billing/Template/Invoice Email

Searching for overdue items:

  • In ILLiad, go into the Lending tab to click on the Items Shipped queue
  • Check every month for items that have not been returned for the previous month
    • Search catalog for item
    • If overdue, generate and email invoice to institution
  • Also check for items not marked as returned if they have been and are in the catalog