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Tech Fee at Harbor Branch

Proposals for innovative technologies in support of student success are solicited every academic year. This guide will point to application resources and suggestions for submitting high quality proposals.

Library Assistance for Tech Fee Submissions

Literature searching and some editorial support may be needed before submitting proposals to supervisors.  Support is available from library personnel provided sufficient time is given for a careful review.  Please contact Pamela Alderman, HBOI Library Director for further information.

Annual Technology Fee Award Process

All FAU constituents, (i.e., students, student organizations, faculty, colleges, departments, partner campuses, administrative staff and departments, as well as the Office of Information Technology) may apply for revenues generated from the Technology Fee through the Proposal Review process which includes a comprehensive review by the Technology Fee Oversight Committee of each submission.

Search FAU's Awarded Proposals

This site documents successful proposals from 2009 forward.


AirMedia Wireless Presentation

Visit Crestron's AirMedia site to learn more about this technology currently available in two HBOI locations.


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