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EUH 6939: Research Seminar in European History: Cooperation and Resistance in Nazi Germany / Dr. Kollander

A To Z List of Databases - FAU

Indexes and Databases are collections of academic journals and other sources of scholarly information. They can be searched by using keywords, or words that describe a topic.  Databases often provide peer-reviewed or scholarly articles for your research.


Locating Full-Text Articles

Select Find it @ FAU if the article you are looking for does not appear as full text in the database.

Some Electronic Journals for History

History Subject Guide Journals

Historical journals serve as crucial platforms for scholarly discourse and the dissemination of historical research. These publications feature peer-reviewed articles, essays, and reviews authored by experts in the field, offering invaluable insights, analysis, and perspectives on various historical topics, periods, and regions. They are pivotal in advancing historical scholarship, fostering intellectual exchange, and shaping the trajectory of historical inquiry.

Researchers and students rely on these journals to stay abreast of current historiography, engage with cutting-edge research, and explore emerging trends in the field. Additionally, historical journals provide a forum for publishing original research, enabling scholars to share their findings, interpretations, and methodologies with a broader audience.

Through their rigorous editorial processes and commitment to academic excellence, historical journals significantly contribute to preserving, interpreting, and understanding the past. They are indispensable repositories of scholarly research, critical analysis, and intellectual discourse within history.

Covering diverse topics, periods, and regions, historical journals provide invaluable insights into the complexities of the past, fostering a deeper understanding of historical events, movements, and phenomena. By publishing articles, essays, and reviews authored by experts in the field, these journals contribute to advancing historical scholarship and refining historiographical debates.

Moreover, historical journals play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of historical inquiry, identifying emerging trends, and promoting interdisciplinary dialogue. Whether accessed in print or online, historical journals serve as essential resources for researchers, students, and enthusiasts seeking to engage critically with the complexities of human history.

To find a specific academic journal, use the Journal Finder link and enter the journal title.