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Emerging Technologies (old): Home

What is Emerging Technology?

Emerging Technologies may be defined as web-based applications that futher the development of Web 2.0 initiaitves "including the developmentand evolution of web-based communities, hosted services, and applications such as social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs, andfolksonomies” (Wikipedia, Web 2.0 definition)

Some additional examples include:
  • Bookmarking
  • 'Cloud' computing
  • Instant Messengers
  • QR Codes
  • Photosharing sites

ETC Charge

The ETC was developed to act in an advisory capacity by investigating and evaluating new and existing technologies and provides guidance to library departments and individuals. The Emerging Technologies Committee evaluates and recommends new and emerging technologies within 75 the Libraries’ communication and public services environment. For the purposes of this committee, ‘‘emerging technologies’’ will be limited to applications and software that applies to library communications and public services. The committee will focus on emerging technologies and practices likely to enter mainstream use in learning-focused organizations 80 within the near future. The committee will provide guidance and recommendations to departments and individuals currently managing these tools and assess alternate technologies as needed. The committee will determine a reasonable number of evaluations per academic year, per
consensus of committee members.