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Best Practices for Video Recording: Home

giving tips to beginning videographers.

How to Use the Recording Studio

Recording Instrucions:

  • Check the PC to be sure the on/off button is lit.
  • On the desktop touch pad, press the Home icon.
  • Touch screen and wait for the camera view to appear on the main screen.
  • Select the Recording format of your choice and adjust TILT and Zoom settings (video).
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to record.
  • Wait for ELAPSED RECORD TIME to appear on the desktop touch pad, then begin your presentation.
  • During your presentation you may PAUSE, then resume, or STOP when finished.

After Recording:

  • After pressing STOP a RECORDING COMPLETE message will instruct you to go to POST PRODUCTION.
  • Press OK.


Front Desk for Questions or call 561-799-8530

General Tips Before Editing

Best Practice Methods:

  • Have a backup recovery for your project.
    • Save twice on an external hard drive.
  • Create a script and memorize it.
    • OR edit with jump cuts.
      • A jump cut is a compilation of short clips.
  • What is the Subject? The Purpose? The Target Audience?
  • Dress the part.
    • Make sure you are properly dressed for specific audiences.
  • Adjust/focus camera prior to presentation.
  • Adjust lighting to desired quality.
    • Light from the window may enhance or disrupt.
  • Speak as clearly as possible.
    • Utilize the sound amplifier if needed. 
  • Have a friend to determine whether your tone of voice is too soft or loud.
  • Clap your hands at the start of a scene.
    • It will help you for editing in the future by being able to “read the sound” to signify portions to delete.

Our Technology

This studio can be used to record yourself in a professional setting.  You can edit your video on the computer using Adobe Elements.

This sound amplifier could be used to amplify your voice during your recordings.

The window, as well as other lights in the room, can be utilized to promote optimal lighting for your film.

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