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Honors Theses: Sciences: L

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Eugene Belogay (4)
Meredith Blue (5)
Laura Bohn (1)
Veljko Dragojlovic (16)
Julie Earles (53)
Matthew Gill (2)
Tanya Godenschwege (1)
Mark Hill (7)
Terje Hoim (21)
Michelle Ivey (5)
William Ja (1)
Amanda Jacob (3)
Kailing Jia (1)
Andrew Johnson (4)
Ryan Karr (2)
Martin Kenneally (2)
Ashley Kennedy (2)
Paul Kirchman (72)
Kevin Lanning (37)
Jose Lopes (1)
Patricia McDonald (1)
Warren McGovern (8)
Luanne McNulty (1)
Rakesh Mogul (4)
Patrick Monnier (2)
Jon Moore (58)
Laua Nidernhofer (1)
William O'Brien (31)
Nicholas Quintyne (45)
Susan Richardson (3)
Paul Robbins (1)
Mark Rupright (2)
Cullen Schmid (1)
Rainer Schmitt (1)
Eugene Smith (28)
Robert Stackman (1)
Laura Vernon (21)
James Wetterer (37)
Matt Yousefzadeh (1)


A (12)
B (38)
C (30)
D (15)
F (11)
G (21)
H (20)
I (3)
J (8)
K (24)
L (29)
M (45)
N (8)
O (13)
P (26)
Q (4)
R (28)
S (55)
T (17)
U (1)
V (13)
W (19)
Y (4)
Z (6)


Animal Behavior (2)
Behavioral Neuroscience (2)
Biological Chemistry (55)
Biology (A-D) (33)
Biology (E-H) (16)
Biology (I-L) (22)
Biology (M-P) (34)
Biology (Q-T) (35)
Biology (U-Z) (15)
Chemistry (29)
Conservation Biology (1)
Ecological Economics (1)
Environmental Chemistry (1)
Environmental Studies (33)
Marine Biology (23)
Mathematical Biology (2)
Mathematics (40)
Medicinal Chemistry (1)
Neuroscience (4)
Organic Chemistry (1)
Physics (14)
Pre-Med (4)
Pre-Veterinary (1)
Psychobiology (1)
Psychology (A-F) (24)
Psychology (G-L) (21)
Psychology (M-R) (36)
Psychology (S-Z) (23)


2016 (44)
2015 (21)
2014 (29)
2013 (42)
2012 (31)
2011 (37)
2010 (46)
2009 (28)
2008 (47)
2007 (42)
2006 (26)
2005 (21)
2004 (29)
2003 (13)
2002 (4)


      Construction of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strain for Use as a Tool to Analyze Manganese ...
      by Maureen Lalonde
      Pub. Date: 2003
      Print book

      Six-Year Study of Mortality Rates and Causes of Injury and Illness of Sea Turtles in South Florida
      by Gabriela Lamanna
      Pub. Date: 2016
      Print book | eBook

      Urban Forestry Ecosystem Services at the FAU Jupiter Campus: 2015-2016
      by Allie Lamb
      Pub. Date: 2016
      Print book | eBook

      Cloning of the Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Gene (SOD2) from T. scripta
      by Alejandro Landa
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      Age Differences in Event Memory
      by Jason C. Lane
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      The Minimum Rank Problem for Chordal Graphs
      by Robert Lang
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      Towards an Anti-Capitalism Ecofeminism
      by Atalia Lapkin
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      The Effect of Medical Labels on Perceptions of Illness and Sufferers
      by Jessica Lasaga
      Pub. Date: 2012
      Print book

      InvestigaYou Keep Me Hangin' On: Dynactin's p24 is Essential for Microtube Anchoring. tion of ...
      by Ariel Le
      Pub. Date: 2012
      Print book | eBook

      Gas Chromatography Characterization of EPA and DHA Omega-3 Ethyl Esters in Fish Oil Soft-Gel Supplements
      by John Preston Leach
      Pub. Date: 2009
      Print book

      The Status of the Downy Rose Myrtle (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa) in Florida
      by Ashley Leacock
      Pub. Date: 2006
      Print book

      False Crawls by Loggerhead Sea Turtles in Palm Beach County, Florida
      by Anna Leech
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book | eBook

      Effects of Personality and Item Content on Decision Making: A Prospect Theory Perspective
      by Alicia Leeper
      Pub. Date: 2009
      Print book

      Bioaccumulation of Fluoride in Freshwater Snail Shells
      by Jamie Lefler
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      Selective Protection of (E)-1,5-Anti-Diols and (Z)-1,5-Syn-Diols as Allylic Triethylsilyl Ethers
      by Ashley Legg
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book

      Use of Multisensory Therapy by Adolescents with Co-Occurring Autism and Profound Intellectual Disability
      by Jared Leichner
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book | eBook

      Clean Group Rings
      by Madeleine Lenke
      Pub. Date: 2012
      Print book

      Right Mindfulness Leads to Right Livelihood: Exploring the Connections Between Mindfulness, Stress, ...
      by Morgan Levy
      Pub. Date: 2013
      Print book | eBook

      The Current State and Future Concerns for Coral Reef Systems off the Coast of Florida
      by Amy Leuchtmann
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      An Attempt to Isolate Genes Coding for Luciferin in Florida Fireflies
      by Andrew Li
      Pub. Date: 2016
      Print book

      Development of a Phone Mount for a Spectroscope
      by Brian William Liddell
      Pub. Date: 2016
      Print book

      Assaying Iron Content of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      by Robert Linder
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book

      Repairing Human Disruption to Biogeochemical Cycles through Sustainable Agriculture, Water Supplies, ...
      by Jan Federico Loeffler
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      The Ego and Big Data: Towards a Computable Model of Ego Development
      by Daniel Lopez-Chavez
      Pub. Date: 2014
      Print book

      Emotional Responses to Animal Characteristics
      by Kendelyn Rachelle Lowden
      Pub. Date: 2009
      Print book

      Status of the Imperiled Gill-Billed Tern in Florida
      by Stephanie N. Lucas
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book | eBook

      Fermat's Assertion about Primes of the Form x2 + 3y2
      by Olimpia Lukacs
      Pub. Date: 2007
      Print book | eBook

      Manipulation of Normal Cells to Produce a Cancer-Like Mitotic Phenotype
      by Christina Luffman
      Pub. Date: 2009
      Print book | eBook

      Numerical Integration of Linear and Nonlinear Wave Equations
      by Laura Lynch
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book
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