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Honors Theses: Social Sciences: C

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Rachel Corr (22)
Jacqueline Fewkes (14)
Keith Jakee (32)
Travis Lybbert (2)
Wairimu Njambi (24)
Kanybek Nur-tegin (8)
William O'Brien (3)
Timothy Steigenga (49)
Martin Sweet (16)
Mark Tunick (43)


A (9)
B (16)
C (23)
D (8)
E (2)
F (7)
G (10)
H (13)
I (1)
J (7)
K (11)
L (12)
M (14)
N (3)
O (3)
P (10)
R (3)
S (20)
T (8)
U (1)
V (4)
W (6)
Z (3)


Anthropology (35)
Economics (40)
Interdisciplinary Social Science (1)
International Studies (24)
Law & Society (37)
Political Science (42)
Women's Studies (24)


2016 (10)
2015 (7)
2014 (8)
2013 (19)
2012 (11)
2011 (20)
2010 (17)
2009 (19)
2008 (22)
2007 (11)
2006 (9)
2005 (12)
2004 (16)
2003 (9)
2002 (3)


      From Borders to Neighborhoods: Explaining the Shift toward State and Local Immigration Law Enforcement in ...
      by Erika Cadena
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      The Creation of a Cartel: Applying Anthropological Methods
      by Pedro Cahue
      Pub. Date: 2013
      Print book

      The Private Provision of Public Goods in the United States' Voluntary Carbon Market
      by Rebeca Campos
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book

      The Maya in Jupiter, Florida: Remittances and Immigrant Perceptions of Change in the Home Community
      by Anya Canache
      Pub. Date: 2003
      Print book

      Don't Shoot!: Police Privacy and Accountability in the Digital Age
      by Jory Canfield
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      If You can't Play Nice, Play Roller Derby: Investigating Gender Performativity in Women's Flat Track Roller Derby
      by Valerie Cannon
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      Do Airport Full-Body Scanners Violate Fourth Amendment Rights when Used as Primary Search Mechanisms?
      by Kevan Carbon
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      Comparing Sex and Slavery: Reexamining Monique Wittig's Call to Overthrow the Political Regime of Heterosexuality
      by Christi Carter
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      The Commodification and Militarization of American Public Space: From a Genealogy of the Public to a ...
      by Timothy Case
      Pub. Date: 2006
      Print book | eBook

      Moving Beyond Cultural Relativism?: The Implications of Transcending the Culture Concept in Anthropology
      by Rachel Chamberlain
      Pub. Date: 2005
      Print book

      Does Zoning Affect Housing Prices?
      by John C. Chapman
      Pub. Date: 2009
      Print book

      Aussie Rules: Scheduling as a Determinant for Attendance Demand in the Australian Football League
      by Lauren M. Charlton
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book | eBook

      Rethinking Religious Competition: Church-State Relations in Catholic- and Islamic-Majority Authoritarian States
      by Heather Chase
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book | eBook

      Old Enough to Kill, too Young to Die?: Evaluating Public Opinion of the Juvenile Death Penalty
      by Kristen Chase
      Pub. Date: 2009
      Print book | eBook

      Rache Manyok Bay Te-a Blanche: Deforestation in Haiti and the Power of an Image
      by Gerline Christophe
      Pub. Date: 2014
      Print book | eBook

      Androcentric Expressions in Academic Writings
      by Ashley Coats
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      Desperate Measures: The Bolivian Cocaine Production Boom and the Power of Indigenous Coacultura
      by Matt Collins
      Pub. Date: 2007
      Print book

      A Comparative Analysis of Presidential Power
      by Max Collins
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      Good Morning America: The Role of Television Advertisement in Today's Modern Political Campaign
      by Noemi Coltea
      Pub. Date: 2005
      Print book

      Of Free Markets and Caged Humans: The Ethical and Legal Implications of For-Profit Immigrant Detention
      by Celeste Corrales
      Pub. Date: 2013
      Print book | eBook

      Electronic Privacy in the Workplace: A Proposal to Protect Employees' Rights
      by Satu Correa
      Pub. Date: 2005
      Print book

      Why do Healthcare Spending and Quality Vary Among OECD Countries?: An Empirical Analysis of the ...
      by Caitlin Crook
      Pub. Date: 2013
      Print book

      Identity Politics and the University: The Hispanic Literature Example
      by Caitlin Currie
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book | eBook | Spanish Edition (Print) | Spanish Edition (ebook)
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