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Honors Theses: Social Sciences: 2004

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Rachel Corr (22)
Jacqueline Fewkes (14)
Keith Jakee (32)
Travis Lybbert (2)
Wairimu Njambi (24)
Kanybek Nur-tegin (8)
William O'Brien (3)
Timothy Steigenga (49)
Martin Sweet (16)
Mark Tunick (43)


A (9)
B (16)
C (23)
D (8)
E (2)
F (7)
G (10)
H (13)
I (1)
J (7)
K (11)
L (12)
M (14)
N (3)
O (3)
P (10)
R (3)
S (20)
T (8)
U (1)
V (4)
W (6)
Z (3)


Anthropology (35)
Economics (40)
Interdisciplinary Social Science (1)
International Studies (24)
Law & Society (37)
Political Science (42)
Women's Studies (24)


2016 (10)
2015 (7)
2014 (8)
2013 (19)
2012 (11)
2011 (20)
2010 (17)
2009 (19)
2008 (22)
2007 (11)
2006 (9)
2005 (12)
2004 (16)
2003 (9)
2002 (3)


      How Many Strikes 'Til the Jury is Out?: Peremptory Challenges in Voire Dire
      by Patricia C. Antonucci
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Deconstruction and the Law
      by Joanna Bartell
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Nature v. Convention: Examining Crime and Punishment from the Surreal Perspective of Louis Bunuel
      by Latoya Browne
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Comparing Sex and Slavery: Reexamining Monique Wittig's Call to Overthrow the Political Regime of Heterosexuality
      by Christi Carter
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Rethinking Capital Punishment in the Post-Furman Era
      by Sara Fairbrother
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Assessing the Legislation of Morality: Legal Moralism, the Harm Principle and Goodridge v. Department of Health.
      by Michael Gonzalez
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Everybody is a Student of Music
      by Michael Kerr
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Double Take: Looking Beyond the First Glance at Bush v. Gore and the Fourteenth Amendment
      by Kathryn Nicole Lewis
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book | eBook

      Female Members of the Concrete Block Society
      by Christine Mancuso
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Comment-Rejecting Motherhood: The Ramifications of 'Favorable' Legal Defenses for 'Baby Killers' with ...
      by Rose Moon
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      The Religious Market of Chile: Causes for the Growth of Pentecostalism
      by Steve Nicole
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      United States Foreign Policy: The Maintenance of a Unipolar World and the "Axis of Evil"
      by Charles Oerter
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Historical and Modern Anthropological Understandings of Maternity
      by Kimberly Joy Pigott
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Courting Payday: The Efficacy of Litigation in the fight for African American Slavery Reparations
      by Brian Pita
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Guns vs. Growth: The Military-Industrial Complex and the Economics of Defense Expenditure
      by Walteria Tucker
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      Inventing the Huaorani: Media Representations of an Ecuadorian Amazonian Indigenous Nationality
      by Randal West
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book
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