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Grants and Grant Writing: Grant Funders

Grant Funders

Identifying Grants and Funders

Grant seekers should be aware of the various agencies and organizations that fund research through grants and other awards.  Grant guides are helpful in identifying these and specific grants that are available, but use multiple means of identifying grants and their funders.

Explore the Published Research Sponsored by Funders

One way to identify grant funders is to find those with funding priorities that match your research.

Use these resources to locate foundations and nonprofit organizations that offer grants:

Local Sources of Grant & Foundation Information:

Searching for Federal Grants -

See other videos at's YouTube page!

General Funding Information

  • Check with colleagues in the same field. They may know of grants or resources.
  • Look at the last few pages of the Chronicle of Higher Education in the "Private Giving" and "Deadlines" sections for grants and awards.
  • Browse professional journals within a given field field; some grants or other funding may be listed there.

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