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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School: Publications & Evaluation

This is the LibGuide for Ms. Kowalski-Rospierski's AP English class and and Mr. Cole's AP Debate class. See this page for links to library services and other information!

Cycle of Information Publishing

The Cycle of Information Publishing includes both traditional publication types as well as social media. View these videos for more information.

Popular versus Scholary/Peer-Reviewed Publications

Need information on how to determine if a journal is 

  • peer-reviewed or scholarly (also known as academic or refereed)?
  • popular?

See the videos below, or check out this chart!

Name that Publication!

Each line shows common citation information for a particular publication. Match up the citation information line to the correct publication type below. (Click on link below for answers)

Book  -  Journal Article  -  PowerPoint slides  -  Website

  • Author, Title. Retrieved from URL.
  • Author, Title, Journal Title, Volume/Issue, Date, page number.
  • Author, Title, Date, Publication location, Publisher.
  • Author, Date, Title [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from URL.

Types of Publications

Group these publications by type as "traditional" or "social media."

Blogs Books Databases Facebook
Flickr Instagram Journal Articles Magazines
Newspapers Pinterest Podcast Radio
Television Twitter Websites YouTube


CRAAP to Evaluate Resources

Use the CRAAP Test to evaluate many types of resources:

  • Books
  • Journal Articles
  • Websites
  • Videos
  • and more!