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FAU Student Newspapers

FAU has had student newspapers since 1966, two years after the university opened. These are primary sources that chronicles events at FAU from the students point of view.

Free Press

FAU Free Press and University Press at FAU

The Free Press at Florida Atlantic University was published from 1994 to 1995. Upon the end of the "All New Atlantic Sun" there was a two year span of time that FAU did not have a student newspaper. That draught of student journalism was broken with the advent of the "Free Press at Florida Atlantic University."  This publication is Series 5 of the collection, "FAU Student Newspapers.

Upon the demise of the "Free Press" Jeremy J. Murphy and Jennifer S. Goddard founded the "University Press at Florida Atlantic University" in May 1996. As co-editors, their plan was to "take this newspaper to an entirely different level of scholastic journalism," however, the publications did not survive beyond their editorships and ceased publication in 1999. Their bold plan of covering national, international, and FAU news devolved into only covering FAU news. This publication is Series 6 of the collection, "FAU Student Newspapers."


University Press at Florida Atlantic University

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