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Honors Theses: Arts & Letters: 2010

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Laura Barrett (14)
Amy Broderick (1)
Hilary Edwards (20)
Christopher Ely (18)
Mary Ann Esquilin (6)
Michael Harrawood (25)
John Hess (3)
Dorotha Lemeh (6)
Rachel Luria (2)
Amy McLaughlin (5)
William O'Brien (1)
Carmen Caneta Quesada (8)
Melissa Sprenkle (1)
Christopher Strain (24)
Miguel Vasquez (13)
Christian Weisser (1)
Daniel White (7)


A (4)
B (16)
C (18)
D (6)
F (3)
G (7)
H (13)
I (1)
K (9)
L (3)
M (11)
N (2)
O (4)
P (9)
R (6)
S (14)
T (5)
U (1)
V (2)
W (6)
Y (1)
Z (2)


American Literature (17)
American Studies (24)
Art (7)
Creative Writing (4)
English Literature (43)
History (19)
Philosophy (12)
Spanish (23)


2016 (3)
2015 (10)
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2013 (8)
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2010 (14)
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2008 (17)
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2003 (6)
2002 (2)


      Involuntary Love: A Truth Universally Unacknowledged in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
      by Bonnie Abt
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      Quine and Peirce on Counterfactual Conditionals
      by Mary Allison Bailey
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book | eBook

      Junot Díaz y su Personaje Óscar Wao: Un Acercamiento Hacia lo Dominicano
      by Tara Maike Boulos
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      "Our Fellows in Mortality": Kindness to Animals in Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure
      by Jessica Brockway
      Pub. Date: 2012
      Print book | eBook

      "You are the One Fixed Point in a Changing Age": The Immortality of Sherlock Holmes in Japan
      by Amanda Chick
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book | eBook

      Punitive Attitudes Toward Women with Mental Health Problems: An Investigation of Labels, Behavior and Casual ...
      by Courtney Claar
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      Blue Houses and Red Minotaurs: Media and Narrative in Marc Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves
      by Jeremy Dechario
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      Thermodynamic Entropy as a Model of How Social Conflicts Arise
      by Zachery Lucas Keller
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      The Narrator of The Waste Land as T.S. Eliot's Ideal Artist and a Fisher King
      by Jennifer Kincaid
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      Dangerous Bodies: Female Anatomy and Moral Agency in Macbeth
      by Selale Kozanli
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      "He is Dead": An Analysis of Sacrifice and Modern Rites of Passage in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway
      by Savannah McClelland
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      Unvanquished: Economic Enterprise and Tribal Adaptation Among the Seminoles in the Twentieth Century
      by Amanda Nolen
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book | eBook

      Reading the World, Writing the Mind: Ideology, Morphogenesis, Revolution
      by Philip Edmond Olsen
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      "One Face, One Voice, One Habit, and Two Persons!": Twinship and Doubling in Twelfth Night
      by Amanda M. Puehn
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book | eBook