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Honors Theses: Arts & Letters: C

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Laura Barrett (14)
Amy Broderick (1)
Hilary Edwards (20)
Christopher Ely (18)
Mary Ann Esquilin (6)
Michael Harrawood (25)
John Hess (3)
Dorotha Lemeh (6)
Rachel Luria (2)
Amy McLaughlin (5)
William O'Brien (1)
Carmen Caneta Quesada (8)
Melissa Sprenkle (1)
Christopher Strain (24)
Miguel Vasquez (13)
Christian Weisser (1)
Daniel White (7)


A (4)
B (16)
C (18)
D (6)
F (3)
G (7)
H (13)
I (1)
K (9)
L (3)
M (11)
N (2)
O (4)
P (9)
R (6)
S (14)
T (5)
U (1)
V (2)
W (6)
Y (1)
Z (2)


American Literature (17)
American Studies (24)
Art (7)
Creative Writing (4)
English Literature (43)
History (19)
Philosophy (12)
Spanish (23)


2016 (3)
2015 (10)
2014 (6)
2013 (8)
2012 (7)
2011 (13)
2010 (14)
2009 (12)
2008 (17)
2007 (13)
2006 (15)
2005 (10)
2004 (8)
2003 (6)
2002 (2)


      Attempts to Avoid an Incomprehensible Disease: The Black Death's Impact on Public Health Measures
      by Sarah Callendar
      Pub. Date: 2004
      Print book

      The "Impassible Gulf": Representing Relationships Between Eastern and Western Characters in ...
      by Elizabeth A. Cannon
      Pub. Date: 2006
      Print book

      The Painful State of Pleasure in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre
      by Michelle Cannon
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book | eBook

      Telling the Truth: Creative Nonfiction in Capote's In Cold Blood and Mailer's The Executioner's Song
      by James Capp
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book

      The Cities, Crowds, and Masks of James Ensor: A Critique of Urbanization and Modern City Space
      by Jeanette Carney
      Pub. Date: 2007
      Print book | eBook

      "You are the One Fixed Point in a Changing Age": The Immortality of Sherlock Holmes in Japan
      by Amanda Chick
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book | eBook

      Individuality and a Liberal Arts Education
      by Joshua Chung
      Pub. Date: 2016
      Print book

      Punitive Attitudes Toward Women with Mental Health Problems: An Investigation of Labels, Behavior and Casual ...
      by Courtney Claar
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      From Weekend Retreat to Commuter's Paradise: The Intrusion of Suburbanization into Dache Territory in ...
      by Sean Clark
      Pub. Date: 2012
      Print book | eBook

      Angels and Demons: The Effect of Dr. John Dee's Research on Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus
      by Taylor N. Clark
      Pub. Date: 2015
      Print book | eBook

      "Hover through the Fog and Filthy Air": Weather Witching in Macbeth
      by Brooke Clifford
      Pub. Date: 2012
      Print book | eBook

      The Celebration of Uncertainty through Gothic Moments in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights
      by Kimberly Copeland
      Pub. Date: 2009
      Print book | eBook

      Arab Muslims Stereotypes in American News and Film
      by Jessica Cosden
      Pub. Date: 2006
      Print book

      The American Nightmare: Hyperreality and Loss of Identity in American Psycho and Escape from Tomorrow
      by Tyler Crawford
      Pub. Date: 2016
      Print book | eBook

      "Merely to Officiate Light": The Subordination and Glorification of God the Son in Paradise Lost
      by Kathryn Cruikshank
      Pub. Date: 2009
      Print book | eBook

      "Call me Tess": Articulating and Unwriting Identity in Tess of the d'Ubervilles
      by Drew Culler
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      Identity Politics and the University: The Hispanic Literature Example
      by Caitlin Currie
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book | eBook

      La PolĂ­tica de la Identidad y la Universidad: El Ejemplo de la Literatura Hispánica
      by Caitlin Currie
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book | eBook
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