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Honors Theses: Arts & Letters: B

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      Girls' Cyberbullying: An Emerging Non-Confrontational Method of Aggression
      by Briana M.E. Bailey
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book

      Quine and Peirce on Counterfactual Conditionals
      by Mary Allison Bailey
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book | eBook

      The Politics of Propaganda and Repression in Ceausescu's Romania
      by Andrew Bartholomew
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      All Power to the People: The Black Panther Party as the Vanguard of the Oppressed
      by Matthew Berman
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book | eBook

      Paradise Impaired: Duality in Paradise Lost
      by Katherine Joy Bernhard
      Pub. Date: 2006
      Print book | eBook

      Armar el Rompecabezas: La Memoria y la Tortura en La Muerte y la Doncella de Ariel Dorfman y La Escuelita de ...
      by Brian William Betterman
      Pub. Date: 2009
      Print book

      The Grassroots Gospel: How Spirituals and Freedom Songs Democratized the Civil Rights Movement
      by Lauren Bimmler
      Pub. Date: 2008
      Print book | eBook

      Don't do it!: Reader Response in John Milton's Paradise Lost
      by Abigail Blake
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      Madness and Mimetic Violence: Laughter and Language in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
      by Kaitlyn Joy Blum
      Pub. Date: 2013
      Print book | eBook

      Junot Díaz y su Personaje Óscar Wao: Un Acercamiento Hacia lo Dominicano
      by Tara Maike Boulos
      Pub. Date: 2010
      Print book

      Hilary Rodham Clinton: Feminist, Success, and the First Ladyship
      by Heather Boyer
      Pub. Date: 2006
      Print book | eBook

      "Ethnosexual Frontiers": Where Art Meets Race within International Politics of Immigrant Bodies
      by Renata R. Bozzetto
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      "Our Fellows in Mortality": Kindness to Animals in Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure
      by Jessica Brockway
      Pub. Date: 2012
      Print book | eBook

      A Revisionist Interpretation of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew
      by Erin Brown
      Pub. Date: 2005
      Print book

      Crossing the Borders: State Forays into Immigration Reform
      by Robert Bruton
      Pub. Date: 2011
      Print book

      Voices of Katrina
      by Trinity Busch
      Pub. Date: 2006
      Print book