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Google Hangouts: Youtube App

YouTube App:

Youtube iconYouTube

Enjoy YouTube videos with your friends

See the videos that your friends like most or watch videos with up to nine friends at once -- even when you're not together. You can even get a better username on YouTube with Google+

Share videos with just the right people

Quickly and easily share the videos you like on YouTube with the people who will like them too. You can also share the private videos you upload with up to 5,000 people, using Circles.

Share Videos


 Watch together, even when you're not

When you see a video you like, you can watch it live with up to 10 friends using Hangouts. Start a video call, invite friends, and open the YouTube Hangout app to try it out.



 Live stream video for free

Use Hangouts to broadcast your message to the world. Your stream will be available on YouTube, in Google+, and on your own website. You'll automatically get a recording of your broadcast to reshare afterward, too.  Learn more

Live Streaming


How to

YouTube App

To watch YouTube videos with others in a video call simply open the YouTube app. Everyone in the video call will also have to add the app.

Finding videos to play

Click on the blue Add videos to playlist button to find videos. To find videos you can either search for a specific video or copy and paste the URL of a specific YouTube video.

We recommend videos to you based on the playlist you currently have. They appear below the shared playlist in a separate section. You can add them to your playlist by clicking the green “+” button.

Once you have found a video, click the green “+” button(s) to add one or more search results to the shared playlist. Once added to the playlist, the button(s) will turn red. Click the red button to remove the corresponding video from the shared playlist.

Playing videos

The first video added to the playlist starts playing automatically. The controls below the player allow you to pause, play or skip to the next or previous video. Anyone in the video call can play, pause, or change a video but doing so affects what everyone sees.

You can also seek within the video. Seeking (rewinding, fast-forwarding) affects everyone. Seeking excessively could cause problems for other participants.

The volume control of the YouTube player is specific to each person. That means you can set what volume you are comfortable with without affecting other people in the video call.

To make the video larger, click the large-player icon on the player control bar. This hides the playlist and maximizes the video size. To show the playlist again, click the small-player icon.

To share an individual video with others click on the Google+ share button to share that video with your Google+ circles.

Videos added to the playlist will play sequentially. You can modify the playlist but doing so will affect the playlist for everyone.

  • Remove videos by hovering your mouse over the video in the playlist and clicking the ‘x’ icon that appears at the top right of each list item.
  • Re-order the playlist by dragging and dropping individual items in the list using the area with the three dots on the left of each list item.
  • Save the playlist: click the Save playlist button at the top of the playlist and enter a playlist title to save the entire playlist to YouTube. Doing so will allow you to view, edit and play that playlist on YouTube when you login. You can save snapshots of the playlist at different times; just use different names.

To cut down on noise, everyone is muted by default when a video is playing. To talk to others, press the Push to talkbutton underneath the video and hold until you are finished talking.You can either hold the button down until you are finished talking or click the button to toggle Talking Mode on or off. Remember that when you are in talking mode, the video volume is ducked (lowered) so be sure to toggle it off when you’re done talking.

Your searches and search results are private only to you -- others in the video call cannot see what you are searching for. Videos that are added to the playlist are visible to everyone. Muting or enlarging the video is private to you but skipping or pausing videos affects everyone.

Clicking the YouTube logo in the video takes you out of the application, pauses the application player, and the video will play on YouTube. If or when you return to YouTube in video calls, you will be out of sync until the next video begins.

The YouTube app won’t work with Hangouts On Air. So if you use Hangouts On Air, your viewers will only see the video call, not your playlist or the videos.

The YouTube app will work with unlisted videos but will not work with private videos, even those that belong to you.

If you’d like to watch your videos in a darkened setting, consider a browser extension such as Turn off the lights (,

YouTube is only supported on the latest version of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.