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Google Hangouts: Drive App

Google Drive: Why Use It?

Google already allows colleagues and students share their written works through Google Docs, but imagine being able to add a video component that makes the collaboration process come alive.  Now your critques or edits will not be lost in translation of an e-mail written days ago, instead understood among all collaborators in real-time.  When you're hosting a hangout, you can create a new doc on the fly and start sharing it with everybody.

  • Use this to share docs & presentations with those participating in your hangout session.
  • Edit the documents you are sharing with the group in real time. (You may need to authorize others in the hangout to view and edit, but that only takes a few clicks.)
  • If your participants cannot see it, instruct them to click on the drive icon on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Alternative, you can click the + symbol at the top of the sidebar to access your existing documents.  

What is Google Drive

How to Share a Document

Google Drive App:

To open the app, hover over the left side of the video call window. You’ll see a bar with various app icons appear. Click theGoogle Drive button on the left side of your screen. If it’s not visible, click "..."Add apps, and the find and select Google Drive. From there you can:

Start a new doc

  • Click Create shared notes at the top of the window that appears.

No one else in the video call will be able to see the doc until they also select Google Drive from the app bar, and then clickHangouts notes.

View or update an existing doc

Once you’ve added the Google Drive app to your video call, browse and search for an existing Google Document or, selectUpload to add a file that's stored on your computer.

Once a document has been added to the video call, you can include additional docs by clicking the red Add button on the left side of the page.

Sharing Settings

  • If you upload a Google Doc that hasn't been shared with everyone in the video call, you'll be prompted to share it with the other participants so that they can see and edit it.
  • When someone new joins the video call, someone with sharing permissions, will have to share the Doc with them also.

Convert the doc to a different format

When the video call is over, you can convert the Doc to another format (i.e. Word document). To do so,

  1. Click File at the top of the document.
  2. Select Download as.
  3. Choose the file type.

Access notes after the video call

To access notes after a video call, simply sign in to your Google Account and go to From there you can browse for the doc or search for it.

Search for your Hangout Notes in Google Docs

Your notes will be named Hangouts Notes: [date of Hangout] [time notes doc was created].