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Google Hangouts: Features


 Benefits of Using Screenshare 

  • To give or receive technical help
  • To share an image
  • To share a file without sending it and avoid downloading time
  • To share your screen
  • To show a website immediately
  • For group projects
  • To explain how to's
  • To demonstrate projects

Google Drive

Benefits of Using Drive App 

  • Provides a place for storing, managing, and accessing your documents and file folders
  • Allows for seamless sharing of documents
  • Access and work on your files remotely-work on documents at home or elsewhere (Starbuck,etc.)
  • Stores all file types (including images and music)
  • Create a spreadsheet, a word processing document or a presentation using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • Provides multiple options for sorting
  • Web-based editors are included
  • Accessible on all devices with an Internet or Wifi connection


Why Use YouTube App

  • Upload and share videos via Google Hangout
  • Create playlists to view within Google Hangout and share
  • Save shared playlists in
  • Share and view eachother's videos
  • Search within individual videos
  • Avoid having to send videos via email and the need to download