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Information Literacy Strategies: Refereed Journals

In this guide you will find suggested strategies for finding, evaluating, and using information.

Refereed or Peer-Reviewed Journals

Upon receiving a manuscript for publication, an editor may distribute it to a distinguished panel of subject specialists who assess the manuscript for overall quality, accuracy, and relevance to readers. The panel also provides comments and recommendations, and ultimately determines whether the manuscript will be published, or published with changes. Thus these juried submissions are "peer-reviewed" or "refereed." Not all articles appearing in journals undergo such scrutiny, which is why peer-reviewed, or refereed journals are considered more reliable sources for academic research.

The library has a number of databases and SearchWiSE, which offer search options for peer-reviewed articles. The list below is only a representative sample of databases offering peer reviewed searching.

            Business and Company Resource Center

Go to Advanced Search

             Under Select Limiters, place a check mark next to peer-reviewed.


Under Limit your results

             Place a check mark next to peer-reviewed on the right side of the screen.

           ERIC: Education Resources Information Center (Journal List)

             Enter journal name or select from the alphabetical list to view information about this collection of indexed titles.

            Expanded Academic ASAP

Under Limit results

             Place a check mark next to: to peer-reviewed publications.

            FAU Journals@Ovid Full Text

Select FAU Journals@Ovid Full Text and any other OVID reseources as needed.

             Under Limits place a check mark next to Original Articles.

             These articles are peer reviewed and provide experimental or other in-depth analysis of a topic.

           MLA International Bibliography

Under Limit your results

             Place a check mark next to Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals on the right side.