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Theodore Pratt Collection: Books

A guide to the personal papers of Theodore Pratt held at FAU Special Collections Department

The Florida Triliogy


            Flame Tree

         Big Blow

Theodore Pratt

Theodore Pratt published thirty-five novels, including four mysteries under the pseudonym of "Timothy Brace," two collections of short stories, two plays (adapted from his novels), and numerous short stories and articles. Fourteen of Pratt's novels and many of his short stories are set in Florida. His trilogy, consisting of The Barefoot Mailman, The Flame Tree, and The Big Bubble (reprinted as My Bride in the Storm), tell the story of the state between 1880 and 1924 and resulted in the author being dubbed "the literary laureate of Florida." Four of his novels and one article were adapted to screenplays and became feature films.

In 1950, Pratt began to publish most of his work in original paperback. One of the reasons for this decision was that he wanted to address sexual themes which most hardbound publishers would not consider. Pratt's interest in sexology or the scientific study of human sexual behavior can be seen in his novelsThe Tormented (1950), The Lovers of Pompeii (1961), and Without Consent. The Tormented is a study of nymphomania that was rejected by thirty-four publishers. Once published, it sold more than a million copies. Because of the paperback format and mass market appeal of his books, critics paid little attention to most of his work. 


          Lovers of Pompeii


        Without Consent