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Harold L. Glasser Collection: Courage Takes Flight

About the Book

Harold Glasser

Harold Glasser
Harold Glasser

Courage Takes Flight

Beginning with the immigration of his father to the United States, Courage Takes Flight documents Glasser's history from his childhood days in Bedford Stuyvesant to his bombing missions aboard a B-24 Liberator to the world stage of the Miss Universe pageants. Through the unique medium of oral history, Glasser tells his story in his own words and in his own way.

The book is edited by Patricia Kollander, professor of history and department chair at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida.


Courage Takes Flight includes:

  • Preface written by Patricia Kollander
  • A look at Glasser's childhood and education
  • An account of his training and time serving in the Army Air Forces
  • An overview of his involvement with the Miss Universe Pageant
  • Personal letters written to his wife, Mrs. Marny Glasser
  • Numerous Photos
  • Conclusion written by Patricia Kollander

Courage Takes Flight

(First Edition, 2011)