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Google Apps / Owl Apps: Documents

Google Drive, including Google Documents

Google Document Uses

Here are some ways to use Google Documents:

  • Brainstorming
  • Compile Links
  • Class/Lecture Notes
  • Blog Post Drafts
  • Summary of Activities
  • Upload documents
  • Collaborate on a article, paper, document or assignment
  • Work in "real-time" with others to share information

Use "Add-ons" to increase the usability of Google Docs for your preferred tasks. Here are just a few the many ones available:

What's in Google Documents?

Same types of action options as MS Word.


Change font characteristics, add hyperlinks, add images, adjust line spacing, indents and justification, add bullets or numbered lists.


Adjust comments and notification settings. Set editing mode. Share documents (see below). Use  to minimize the tool bar.


Share document with others, email others, and publish to the Web (i.e., blogging). Get a shareable link to your document. See "Advanced" for more options.


Voice Typing is now available! Click "Tools" and dig in. Say "period" or "next line" to help format your work.
Once you dictate your work, you will need to edit it using your voice, or Google Docs, as Voice Typing does not catch all nuances.