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Printing & More @ the Wimberly Library

FAU's Online Printing System

FAU launched a printing solution that will allow students to print from anywhere from almost any device (cloud-based system).

  • Students may add funds to their Owl Card Printing Account using cash or credit/debit card.
  • Funds may be used on both copiers and printers
  • Photocopiers may be used to print, copy, and scan items.


  • $0.08 (8 cents) per page for black and white printing or copying
  • $0.30 (30 cents) per page for color printing or copying

NOTE: Scanning is free!

Guest Printing: Using Web Print

FAU Guest Printing Services via Web Print

Wimberly Library Printing Instructions for Guests and PBSC Students

Have Questions? Visit


Creating a Guest Account and Adding Money:

1) Go to the FAU Printing Services website ( and select "login to FAU Print Services." (on right) 

2) Register as a New User (Bottom)

Note: all Guest usernames begin with "guest-"

3) ***PLEASE Record and memorize your Username and Password as they CANNOT be reset or retrieved if lost***

4) Choose "Add Credit"

5) Add funds to your print Account with your Debit or Credit Card.

6) If a Cash-to-Account machine is available, use cash ($1 or $5 bill) or coin (except pennies) to add funds.



1) Logon at using your Guest Username and Password.

2) Then choose "Web Print" from the bottom, left side of the page. 

3) Next, select the "Submit a Job" link on the top right side of the page.

4) Follow the prompts for B&W or Color printer.

5) Select "2.Print Options and Account Selection" and indicate the number of copies you want.

6) Select "3. Upload the document that you want to print from your device" and then select, "Upload from Your Computer." Browse your computer to select document to be printed.

7) Select "Upload and Complete."

8) Your document is ready in the queue, so that it can be released at the Print Release Stations when you enter your Guest Name and Password. Choose which jobs to print.

9) Photocopy machines may act as printers, photocopiers and scanners.

10) At Printer:  Collect your prints!

11) NOTE: Color print jobs MUST be picked up from a Color Print Release Station.

FAU Users: Add Credit or Cash to Your Account and Print

FAU Printing Services: Have Questions? Visit


Adding Money to Your Account:

Log onto to add money to your print account

·  Click "Log In" on the right side of the page.

·  Log In with your FAUNet ID and password.

·  Choose "Add Credit."

·  Select amount to add from your Credit or Debit card account ($2, $5 or $10).

·  Select Payment Method.

·  Hit "CONTINUE and follow remaining instructions to add money to your print account.

·  If A Cash-to-Account machine is available, use cash or coin to add funds.


· From an FAU computer, choose PRINT

· Choose B&W or Color printer

· Your print job is saved - picked it up from the Print Release Station on any FAU Campus.


·  Swipe your OWL card in the card reader at the top of the monitor (large magnetic stripe) OR

·  Enter your FAUNet ID and password.

·  Choose jobs to print.

·  Money is deducted from your print account for that printing."

·  At Printer:  Collect your prints!

·  Photocopy machines may act as printers, photocopiers and scanners.

NOTE: Color print jobs MUST be picked up from a Color Print Release Station.

Off Campus Printing

Are you Off Campus? Send a job to your print queue to pick up on campus.

· Log on at using your FAU Net ID and Password.

 ·Choose "Web Print" at the bottom left side of the screen (see below).

· Follow the prompts for B & W or Color printer & number of copies.

· Choose your documents from your computer.

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