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Emerging Technologies (old): RSS Feeds, podcasts, email alerts

RSS Feeds, Table of Contents and Email Alert Services: What they are all about

Table of contents/alerting serivces
FAU Libraries provide access to a number of services for accessing journal tables of contents (TOCs) and research alerts (results of searches you construct and then run periodically or automatically).

RSS:  Keeping up with research - What is RSS and why should I use it?
RSS is an XML-based format for sharing and distributing web content. An RSS reader (aka news reader or news aggregator) allows you to view information from multiple web sites in a single interface. When you "subscribe" to an RSS feed, your reader will check that web site on a regular basis and show you any new content.

*From MIT Libraries

RSS Feeds by Vendor

NY Times - example of RSS feed from newspaper

How To's for RSS Feeds (from other Universities)

LibGuides have been prepared by others, giving step by step instructions, sites, etc. for RSS feeds, podcasts, email alerts and table of contents alerts.

Creating RSS Feeds of Results

SearchWiSE allows you to create RSS feeds of your searches. After you have refined your search, you can create a "feed" which you can receive in your email which will show the items you found in your refined search, as well as notify you of new items which fit those same search criteria.

To create a feed: Click on the RSS feed icon at the far right side of the screen (see yellow highlight) and follow the directions that appear.

Contact your local FAU Reference Librarian for questions or assistance.